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A Note on Divorce when One Spouse is a Non-U.S. Citizen

Attorney J. Christina Alvarez Aulakh practices immigration law in addition to family law. She provides skilled legal help to immigrants who have concerns about how a divorce could affect their visa or immigrant status.

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At the Law Office of J. Christina Alvarez Aulakh, we understand how difficult divorce can be, both emotionally and practically. We strive to be good listeners and empathetic counselors. We relate to our clients on a truly personal level because we care about their concerns and wish to see them resolve their legal issues so they can begin new lives.

Our goal is to help you through divorce proceedings with care and empathy while providing effective legal help to ensure that your rights are protected. We represent both U.S. citizens and immigrants throughout the greater Sacramento Valley area who are involved in divorce.

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Experience our compassionate and personal approach

Divorce and other family law matters are often difficult and emotionally charged issues. Handling these sensitive matters takes a more personal approach. That is why we strive to be compassionate, understanding, and flexible when dealing with family law matters. Our goal is to help you through divorce proceedings, while providing effective and aggressive representation, ensuring that your rights are protected.

A lawyer since 2000, J. Christina Alvarez Aulakh understands how to handle often difficult family law issues with sensitivity and a personal approach. She will represent you in divorce proceedings effectively, vigorously and in a manner that protects your rights and those of your children.

We handle a variety of California family law issues including:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce
  • Annulment
  • Division of marital assets and debt
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support and spousal support (“alimony”)
  • Post-decree modifications of child custody, visitation, child support, or spousal support orders

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